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We started Turinglab to make learning and teaching digital skills fun for everyone

We started as a group of Computer Science postgraduate students from Imperial College London. While volunteering to teach coding in schools, we struggled to find fun and effective resources for teaching children computing. So we decided to make our own.
After some prototypes and the publishing of an academic paper we have developed our platform with support from industry and government. Our creative computing resources are now used by thousands of children in schools and classrooms across the country.


Digital Skills Gap

Our society is becoming dependant on technology, and the jobs landscape for the next generation is changing too with 1.4 million computing jobs unfilled by 2020 ( We want to help prepare children and young people for this world.

Coding for Girls

Shockingly only 12% of engineers are female ( and it's everyone's responsibility to change this. We're working hard to create gender neutral materials and providing safe spaces for girls and young women to learn programming together.

Helping Teachers with Coding

60% of teachers feel uncomfortable teaching computing (National Statistics), but it's our teachers that will prepare the nations children and young people for the rapidly changing world of work, and we want to help.

Creative Coding

Most of us love being creative, this applies especially to children. Sadly a lot of computing teaching focuses on mundane problem solving exercises that will continue to inpire the stereotypical programmer. This needs to change, and we believe it can by showing how powerful creativity can be in programming.

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