Fun and Familiar Coding Classes


Everyone is always ready to log in and get started. 

As a continuation of school, the classes offer a more relaxed educational environment with an exciting subject that few get to learn at school.


Busy parents can't always be taxis.

We recognise the challenges of ferrying children from one club to another. Our clubs run immediately after the end of school, so you only need to pick your children up once.


Starting teaching computing at school.

While schools should all be teaching computing, it's often next to impossible to find computing teachers. Running after school clubs is a great way to bridge the gap before starting a curricular computing course at school.

Private and State Schools

We teach across a broad range of schools; top private institutions and state funded schools


St Paul's Girls' School

SPGS is one of the top secondary schools in the country. We run weekly classes for girls of all ages.


Our Lady of Victories

OLOV is an Ofsted outstanding school in South Kensington. We run weekly classes for its Year 5 and 6 pupils during term time.

What we cover

Whether your child is a complete novice, or has attended our course before, we will support them on their coding journey helping them to become confident, independent programmers. 


Scratch is a visual programming library designed by MIT Media Lab. It's used widely to introduce computational thinking to children.


JavaScript is what makes everything in the web interactive, and can be used to create some really familiar projects.

Want an after school club at your school?


Parent, or parent board member, referrals are the most likely way of setting up a club at your school. 

You can request a parent-pack to send to your school here.


School teachers can get in touch directly with us directly. You simply need to be able to host the classes, and for us to find a day that works for both the school and our instructors.

Please note: After School clubs must be organised well in advance of the new term, and our instructors can only run classes at schools that are within 30 minutes travel of a major tertiary education institution.