Turinglab is on a mission to prepare children for the digital future. We're building an online learning platform that supports project-based, blended learning. Our software and teaching resources are currently used to teach hundreds of children each week, and with our partner AdaCollege (the National College for Digital Skills) we will be bringing our resources to secondary schools across the country.

Project Creation

We’re looking for teachers, or trainee teachers, interested in developing project/problem based learning resources for KS3 and KS4 Computer Science. This will typically involve developing:

Model Solution

Identifying a game, animation or application that can introduce and reinforce programming concepts in an engaging practical way. Projects will likely use JavaScript and the p5.js library and must have a visual outcome.

Scaffolded Instructions

Writing scaffolded instructions that will enable a child create their own version of your project with plenty of scope for creativity. When writing these, we may specify the level this project may be pitched at, and therefore how much scaffolding is required.

Aquarium Animation

Aquarium Animation

Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker

Concept Definition

Writing the explanations of any new concepts not already in our learning platform. This will involve writing a summary description, some example code and identifying any important syntax or parameters that need to be discussed.

Quiz Questions

Writing simple assessments (Multiple choice etc.) that will help us get an indication of children's' understanding and misconceptions.

If you're interested in helping our content creation effort, we have small amounts of money to give project creators. To date, we've had PGCE teachers, computer science undergraduates, game developers and bloggers work on projects - so long as you're creative and can code a fun project for kids using a limited number of computing concepts then we'd love to hear from you.