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We make learning and teaching digital skills fun for everyone with online materials for creative computing.

We focus equally on educational attainment and pupil engagement, supporting children and young people to develop creative digital skills for a world increasingly driven by technology. We have engaged thousands of students across the UK, both inside and outside of schools, and support computing teachers with easy to use, engaging resources for the whole classroom.


Free for State Schools

We recognise that state schools are often strapped for cash, and for that reason we provide several core features to state schools for free.

Python and JavaScript

We support two languages that are popular within schools and are widely used in industry - making them valuable languages for children and young people to learn.

Classroom Progress Dashboard

Our software is designed to be used with the support of an Educator, and provide teachers with tools to monitor progress with their classrooms.

Gamified Learning

We are developing a system of achievements and experience-points that naturally motivates children learn - giving them a clear mark of their progress while enhancing meta-cognition.

Creative Coding Projects

Our materials champion creativity, supporting children to develop totally different projects to a simple brief - enabling to create their own games, animations and web applications.

Auto-marked Quizzes

Our topics are mapped to the national curriculum, and are introduced through interactive quizzes which are marked automatically providing students with immediate feedback.

Reference materials

Programmers develop using 'docs' (or programming manuals) and we have provided full reference materials to be used as a programming aid and for revision purposes.

Online Project Portfolio

As children work through tutorials and more open-ended challenges, they develop a body of work that can be shared with teachers, parents and industry as proof of their ability.


Access to our Online Learning Resources

As part of our Schools Engagement Pilot we provide free access to our online learning platform. The platform has courses in JavaScript, Python and HTML/CSS. With a dashboard for teachers to track their students' progress and reference materials for students to refer back to, our resources promise to make life a lot easier for teachers! 

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Coding Workshop

To get schools started, we provide an in-school coding workshop at a time that suits you. In our workshop we'll introduce students and teachers to our resources with an interactive class exercise that illustrates the creative possbilities of coding! 


Industry or Student Talk

We think it's important for pupils to see what opportunities learning to code can bring, so we also arrange for an industry or student speaker to come and give a talk! Our speakers from BJSS or Imperial College will give students an insight into the fast expanding tech industry and inspire them to get stuck in! 

How does it work?

A class-length workshop led by our team and/or an industry professional from BJSS. The workshop will involve a short talk about the technology industry, a hands on introduction to creative coding in Python or JavaScript, and a wrap up Q & A session.

Coding Ability: No prior experience needed

Age Range: Year 7 - Year 10

Timing: 45 minutes or longer (depending on class length)

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Cris Baptiste, St.Gabriels College "In the time my students have been using Turinglab, general interest in computer science has grown, with several asking to continue using it after the holiday. The platform has a lot to offer – from colourful drawings and interactive animations to programming exercises and online quizzes bring computer science theory to life. The great news for me has been an increase in the number of girls now showing interest, and the programming languages used by Turinglab, being Python and Javascript, fit in perfectly with the next phase of studies at GCSE level."

Jo Moran, Saint Pauls Girls School "Turinglab has proved to be a very useful tool which has encouraged the girls to work independently at KS3 through to GCSE level providing a structured and enjoyable way to learn and develop their coding skills."

Student, aged 14 “I have really enjoyed Turinglab and feel much more confident and knowledgeable about coding. I am helping my mum set up her first work web page, which is exciting and I am helping my younger sister and brothers in understanding coding.

Student, aged 11 “I like being able to use our own creativity to make new interesting games”