Want a fun, flexible, and well paid job?

The Job

As an instructor, you will teach small groups of children to program.

Every session will be a little bit different, but the general format is a 5 - 10 children aged 7 - 15 working through coding projects at their own pace for about 2 hours.

We provide a library of these projects ‒ games, puzzles, and animations ‒ along with step by step instructions and open-ended challenges.

Your role is to be a guide, directing students towards projects they’ll get the most out of, helping them get to grips with new concepts, and explaining how to break problems down.

We deal with all the admin, and provide you with resources and advice from our experiences of teaching and working with kids. All you have to do is turn up and teach. We do the rest.

The Benefits

It's Fun

 Kids can be hilarious, and always want you to try their games.

It's Flexible

Teach whenever suits your timetable. We do weekdays and weekends.

It's Local

We run classes in homes,  schools, and universities. Teach wherever's easiest.

It's Fulfilling

Help the next generation shape the digital world they're growing up in.

It's Valuable

Build your confidence and communication skills, and learn some coding along the way.

It's Well Paid

You start on £10 per hour, and get more as you gain experience.

What we’re looking for

We don’t look for lots of technical expertise or teaching experience, but if you’ve got some, great!

To be an instructor you need to be:

  • Smart and able to learn on your feet
  • Friendly and able to talk comfortably with kids
  • Good at explaining concepts clearly
  • Confident using computers
  • Able to travel to the host destination

We don't need you to be:

  • Available each week; we realise you have busy schedules, and hire enough instructors to balance demand.
  • To know how to code: although this helps, and requires less effort to stay ahead of the kids

Most of our instructors are university students, but this isn't a requirement.


We recruit all year round whenever we need people.

Get in touch with the form below, and if we like your application we'll arrange an interview. If you're accepted post interview, we'll train you up and get you teaching!

Being an instructor is great: it’s fun, pays well, and I’ve learnt loads. It’s nice and flexible, so it’s really easy to fit in around my course.
— Joseph, Aeronautical Engineering Student
I didn’t know how to code, and the Turinglab team have taught me so much - now I teach the children computing with much more confidence!
— Beth, Primary School Teacher