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A fresh approach to learning how to code

Turinglab Online is the learning platform we use in our classes as a fun and engaging way to teach kids how to code. With the help of our student feedback and input from education and tech experts, we’re constantly improving our software to give children the best possible learning experience.

Recently, our content has been mapped to the KS3 and GCSE computing curriculum with the help of experts at Ada National College for Digital Skills, and teachers across the UK have been using our resources in their classrooms.


Our online resources are simple for students to use, are mapped to the national curriculum and provides teachers with student’s progress as they work through the materials. The platform teachers JavaScript and Python, and includes three types of content:

Topics and quizzes

Students are introduced to key topics and begin immediately applying what they’re learning through mini activities - building confidence in their coding vocabulary.

Guided project tutorials

Students move step-by-step through the creation of animations, games and applications from scratch, applying their knowledge in a variety of practical scenarios.

Open ended challenges

Students are given a coding challenge brief and some suggestions - the rest is up to them. They can be as imaginative as they like, while using the skills they've learned. 



We are currently running a pilot programme with teachers across the UK.

Turinglab Online is suitable for students of all abilities in KS3 and KS4. The content assumes no prior knowledge, but is open-ended enough to challenge more experienced students and get them practically applying what they already know.

If you would like to try using our online resources in your classroom, you can register your interest and we will be in touch with more information.