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We are looking for schools to be involved in a free pilot of our new platform during the final Summer half term this year - June/July 2017. 

Mapped to the exam boards

Python or JavaScript

Perfect for KS3 & KS4 students

Easy to get started

Optional support with first lesson

If you’re interested in participating, please register here.

What is the platform?

A simple to use learning platform for teaching the parts of the Computing curriculum that require students to read and create code. There are three types of content on the platform, all mapped to the curriculum:


Topic introductions and quizzes

give students key knowledge and ensure they are immediately applying this in practical scenarios - building confidence with core topics, and preparing them for the exam.

Guided project tutorials

take students step-by-step through the creation of animations, games and applications. This shows students how they can apply their knowledge in a practical scenario, and develops skills for any non-examined assessments they may take.

Open ended challenges

provide students with a brief and some suggestions of what to build. They are invited to create their own projects using their imagination and the knowledge and skills they have gained.


The platform also includes:

  • A classroom management page where you will be able to see student progress and performance.
  • A teacher preparation guide, with project solutions and summaries.

Platform Preview



Who is this for?

The platform is suitable for students of all abilities in KS3 and 4. The content assumes no prior knowledge, but is open-ended enough to challenge more experienced students and get them practically applying what they already know.

  • Year 7s and 8s get a taste of programming, and an insight into Computer Science.
  • Year 9s who have chosen to do Computer Science at GCSE get a head-start
  • Year 10s who are half-way through the Computer Science GCSE can reinforce their knowledge and build skills that will help them in Year 11.

Do I need experience?

You don’t need to be a subject expert, but you should be confident enough to support children if they get stuck on core concepts such as debugging, flow of control, variables, looping, and selection.

Do I get any support?

Yes. You'll have access to video tutorials, and in addition you'll be able to contact us throughout June and July with any queries you might have.

You can request a facilitator to help with your first class. Support will be provided either via Skype or in person, and is subject to availability and location.

I already use Codecademy / Khan Academy, why is this different?

Our content maps to the GCSE exam specifications for AQA, OCR, EdExcel, iGCSE, and Eduqas, and to the KS3 computing curriculum.

Our platform has been design specifically for children, and we are constantly improving based on our experiences using it to teach hundreds of children every week. It has also been developed in collaboration with Ada, the National College for Digital Skills.

How can I use these resources in my classroom?

We’ve designed the platform so that it should be easy to estimate how far students will progress

  • Topics: 5-10 minutes each
  • Tutorials: 15-30 minutes each
  • Challenges: 40 mins+

We strongly recommend encouraging students to attempt challenges as they reinforce knowledge and allow students to apply it without scaffolded support, but if you have limited time you can focus on the topics and tutorials and skip over the challenges.

What is the structure of the pilot?

The structure is very flexible to accommodate the different needs of each school.

The primary requirement for you and your students is simply to use the platform in your lessons, and answer a short survey at the beginning and end of the pilot period.

Can I participate in September?

Everyone who participates in the pilot will have access to the platform next academic year.

If you cannot participate this term, then there may be an opportunity to participate in September before the main release later this year. You will however miss out on the opportunity to get extra support and the chance to provide feedback to influence the direction of the platform.

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About us


Turinglab is an education technology company working to empower the next generation with digital skills. It develops software and teaching resources to support more engaging and educational computing classes – some of which it runs itself.


Ada is a new specialist further education college, the first new FE college in England in 23 years. It works with industry to design and deliver an education that empowers all students, especially women and those from low-income backgrounds, to progress into highly skilled digital roles and lead flourishing lives.