Founders Interview

Watch our video to learn why we started Turinglab


A group of friends all studying for a Master's in Computer Science at Imperial College London wanted to pass on skills they thought were invaluable to the next generation.

While volunteering, and coordinating other volunteers it quickly became clear that a lot of work was needed to make the experience of teaching and learning computing more effective and enjoyable for children, instructors, and school teachers.

First Prototype

We built our first learning platform prototype in the summer of 2015.

Children provided invaluable feedback, and through a number of iterations the platform became something that the children now really enjoy using.

The early prototype has a published academic paper about how children learn using the system.

Priyav, our first instructor

Getting started as a small business is hard, so our first official instructor was a landmark moment for us. Priyav has been invaluable as an instructor, but also in creating projects for the children and providing feedback to the team about how to improve. Thanks Pri!


Huddles are private group classes at the home.

The first Huddle happened in November 2015 after we realised how busy children's weekend schedules could be - Huddles are incredible flexible, and children learn with their closest peers making for a great learning environment

Imperial College Social Programs

Imperial College's Department of Computing subcontracted its coding outreach program to Turinglab in October 2015. 

The program was a massive success with large numbers of children being introduced to programming for the very first time.

  • 1,600+ projects coded by children
  • 700+ places booked 
  • 90% of children want to code more