Engage and Educate

Support diversity and inclusivity in the Tech sector through education.



Sponsor after school clubs and workshops

With your support we can set up more computing classes and provide free places for girls and low-income pupils.

We can work with you to set up your own program, much like we have with Imperial College. Take a look at Imperial Codelab.

Better yet, you can throw your support behind our classes so we can have a single concentrated effort that spans across the UK.


Suppor our efforts in non-financial ways

Contribute to our dependancy stack

In order to run Turinglab workshops we have developed a dependancy stack (opposite) that allows us to effectively engage and educate children without our instructors needing to be expert teacher or engineers. You can support this with:

  • Marketing resources to help us reach out to communities of pupils and potential instructors.
  • Software development time to help us improve our learning software and build features we know would increase engagement, but we don't have time to create.
  • Developing venue partnerships to host the weekend workshops.
  • Developing projects that tie into your company or university's specialities: a game developer course, a basic machine learning course etc.
Turinglab Program.png

Track Record

In our last 12 week course with Imperial College we achieved a lot.

16,407 versions of code created by children

1,749 projects created by children in Python alone

500+ places booked

150+ children introduced to computing

100+ university students interested in helping

90% of children want to do more coding

85% of children attended multiple sessions

70% of children were girls


What did the kids think?

Before TuringLab at Imperial

“I had found it hard”

“It was boring”

“I didn’t know what coding really was”

After TuringLab at Imperial


“Complex… a bit less”

“I love it so much!”

“It’s really really fun”

Think you can help?