Our classes take place in London, Leeds and Manchester. They are for children aged 10-15 and run on Saturdays during the school term for an hour and a half. Students work through creative computing activities with the help of a team of instructors - top university students from local universities. Many of our students use our classes for the skills section of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and several go on to take GCSE Computing.

Our course introduces the basics of Javascript, one of the most popular programming languages used in industry today. Students complete quizzes and tutorials to build their understanding of a coding skill, and then test out what they’ve learned by creating a game or application.

Topics and quizzes

Students are introduced to key topics and begin immediately applying what they’re learning through mini activities - building confidence in their coding vocabulary.

Guided project tutorials

Students move step-by-step through the creation of animations, games and applications from scratch, applying their knowledge in a variety of practical scenarios.

Open ended challenges

Students are given a coding challenge brief and some suggestions - the rest is up to them. They can be as imaginative as they like, while using the skills they've learned.