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Teaching coding well becomes easier

Less lesson prep

Use Turinglab within your lessons and require less detailed lesson plans. Often a few reminder slides and summary at the end of class are all that’s needed.

Less time marking

With auto-marking and progress tracking, you don’t need to mark students work and get your evenings back.

Less time doing admin

No software to download, easily reset students passwords, no worksheets to print. Just go to to start.

Fewer issues to deal with

Designed for children and young adults Turinglab is easy to use. Problems are scaffolded to limit syntax errors. Complexity builds gradually so students are prepared for the problems they face.

More time to teach

Common issues are typically covered, so you can spend your time more effectively helping bust less common misconceptions.

Better differentiate learning

Suitable for all students, in Turinglab they can progress at their own pace with more time to work their weaknesses and run ahead.

Increased student independence

Students can easily help themselves using hints, concept reminders, error messages and inbuilt feedback before asking a teacher. Great for instilling a growth mindset in your students.

Increase confidence with solutions

Use full solution code for teachers to stay ahead of students and help them without fear of being wrong or spending the time to develop your own solution.

Students are more engaged

Less time spent being stuck

Tackling a common reason for disengagement “being stuck” we provide lots of hints and help for common problems.

More time helping individual students

Instead of delivering slides at the front, you can quickly dive straight into helping small groups of students struggling with the same issues.

More engaged female students

Female students have proven to be more creative and concerned with issues in society - our resources are highly visual and built around themes such as climate and the environment.

More students reaching their potential

Allow your top students to power ahead and get into more complex materials ahead of time. They can become your helpers later on.

More suitable for SEN and lower ability students

Well-paced, gamified content helps to build momentum and confidence in students allowing them to shine like never before.

Better than slides and worksheets. Obviously.

With less repetitive content, that is highly visual, designed for use in schools, is easy to use with interactive problem solving and gamification - why go back?

Get results from learning

Deeper understanding

Students quickly apply theory through interactive problems to develop a deeper understanding of core concepts.

More independent habits

Instead of relying on teachers, students learn to help themselves by using hints, FAQ’s, error messages and code documentation.

More time helping with misconceptions

See fewer misconceptions by answering students specific questions rather than teaching to the whole class.

Higher levels of meta-cognition

With concepts clearly labelled students see exactly what skills they are learning and build the meta-cognition highly connected to meaningful learning.

More students full-filling their potential

With self-paced learning students can full-fill their potential wherever they get to.

Greater access to resources

No need to download python or even access on a computer - turinglab is available in any online browser so students fall behind less.

Measure and demonstrate impact to SLT

Better understanding of student progress

Use the progress dashboard to get an overview of students learning progress.

Deeper understanding with concept badges

Look at students profiles to see which concepts they have acquired and what they may have missed out. Easily measure progress this way.

Easily embed in your existing workflows

Use .csv exports and upload to whichever LMS, mark book, spreadsheet you may be using within your SLT.

Quickly access students code

Use direct links from the progress dashboard to student code to showcase tangible learning.


Teresa, Head of Computing, Hillview School

“Turinglab is a fantastic platform for teaching and developing programming skills and knowledge! Subscribing to Turinglab has been one the best decisions I have made in my teaching career. I have never seen pupils throughout the whole school so engaged and focussed in Computing lessons across KS3, 4 and 5 as they are when we use Turinglab.”

James, NQT Computing, Grace College

“Turinglab has help us to bring python coding to life, particularly in KS3! The students are able to make clear connections between the code and the outcome and build an understanding of the concepts due to the way they build skills and apply them throughout the courses. We are able to offer increasing levels of complexity as they journey through the Computing curriculum.”

Cris, Computing Teacher, St. Gabriels College

“An excellent product for teaching begineers the concepts of programming. A blend of activities that makes the product enjoyable and the gamification aspects keeps learners wanting more.”

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